Ed Motta

The Caretaker Chords

Ed Motta

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by tarikike

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The Caretaker

G6              B9/C# 
  Help me build moon 
            C7M(9)  A9/F 
This evening 
D6/B            Bbº 
  Night will be here 
        Am7  D7(9-) 
Too soon 
G6              C9/D B9/C# 
  If there's no moon 
       C7M(9)  A9/F 
In the sky well 
Dm7(9)          F9/G 
   Angels won't see 
No light 
Bb9/C    Bbm9/C 
Hit the ground 

And soon 
There's angels 
Crashing down 

Around the town 
My job 

Is to make sure 
They don't 
F9/G          C9/D 
  Heavens caretaker 

I'm sweeping up 

G#5+/C        C7M(9) G#m6 
Another night 
   Don't let them 
B9/C#         C7M(9)  A9/F 
Be complaining 
Say now 
  Bbº       Am7  D7(9-) 
I didn't see 
G6          C9/D B9/C# 
  Go let'em know 
    C7M(9)  A9/F 
I'm starting 
build That moon 
F9/G      Fm9/G 
Make that light 
Bb9/C    Bbm9/C 
Shine it out 

But there's one way 

To make moon melody 

It's true 
A silver spoon 
And kiss or two 

F9/G              C9/D 
  I'll buy a kiss now 

Don't be scared 
This night 
Will chose you 

G9/B           Eb9-  E 
    Heard your voice 
G9/B        Eb9-  E 
    Knew it was 
G9/B        Eb9-  E 
    The new you in me 
  Bm7     Eb9-  E         
I need to know 
G9/B           Eb9-  E   
    Steal your soul 
G9/B         Eb9-  E     
    Don't be scared 
    I'm just 
Eb9-  E  Bm7      F9/G    
Heavens caretaker 

Sweeping up the night 

Help me build moon 
This evening 
Time it won't let us be 
Don't ask 
For no understanding 
They don't know 
You won't know 
I don't know 

Your you in me 
Makes the moon melody 
Come true 
If you just 
Sell your kiss 
It starts 
The caretaker 
Trying to light 
Another night 

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