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by t%5Fgorgulu

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How Long

Year: 2007 - Album: Long Road Out Of Eden

Like a blue bird with his heart removed 
Lonely as a train 
     C     F     C      G     C   
I?ve run just as far as I can run 
C                                F 
If  I ever see the good old days shining in the sun 
C             G             C 
I?ll be doin? fine and then some 

Am G F C G How long how long woman will you weep Am G F C G C How long how long rock yourself to sleep
C I?ve been doin? time in a lonesome prison F Where the sun don?t shine G Just outside the freedom river runs C Out there in that shining night F With bloodhounds on your mind C G C Don?t you know it?s a same sad situation Chorus Solo C F (C-F-C) G C C7 Everbody feels allright F You now I?ve heard some poor fool sing C G Everyone is our there on the loose C Well I wish I?ve been in the land of fools F No one knew my name C G C But what you get is not quite what you choose Chorus Am G F C Hoooooow looooong, hooooow looooong Am D D Muddy river runs so deep Am G F C Hoooooow looooong, hooooow looooong C G C Good night baby rock yourself to sleep G C (Sleep) tight baby rock yourself to sleep G F C C7 (B-b-b) bye bye baby rock yourself to sleep

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