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Save Tonight Chords

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by MoRtE%2D

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Save Tonight

	  Intro: Am   F     C        G  (4 times) 
Am	F	C	G 
Go on and close the curtains 
'cause all we need is candlelight 
You and me and the bottle of wine 
and hold you tonight 
Am	F	C	G 
Well, we know I'm going away 
And how I wish, I wish it weren't so 
so take this wine and drink with me 
let's delay our misery... 
Am      F 
Save tonight 
C         G 
And find the break of dawn 
Am      F 
Come tomorrow 
C         G 
Tomorrow I'll be gone 
Am	F	C	G 
There's a log on the fire  
and it burns like me for you 
Tomorrow comes with one desire.. 
to take me away 
Am	F	C	G 
It ain't easy to say goodbye  
darling please don't start to cry 
'cause girl you know I've got to go 
and Lord I wish it wasn't so 
Play this next verse a bit muted... 
Am	F	C	G 
Tomorrow comes to take me away 
I wish that I, that I could stay 
but girl you know I've got to go, oh 
and Lord I wish it wasn't so 

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