Dwight Yoakam

You're The One Chords

Dwight Yoakam

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by eraymartin

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You're The One

  		G               G/F#                        C 
         You're the one, you're the one that made me cry 
         Am                  D                   G 
         You're the one that laughted at me then said goodbye 
         G               G/F#                        C 
         You're the one, you're the one that made me blue 
         Am                        D                  G 
         So how's it feel now that you're the one its happened to 

         G               C               D 
         Now you're back calling me with open arms 
         G                            C        D 
         What happened to the one you met with all that charm 
         Em                           Em/Eb       Em7           A 
         You say he's gone and you're alone, well that's a shame 
         But if you think real hard, I know you'll see 
         Just who's to blame 


         G                    C               D 
         You're begging me to think about the love we shared 
         G                      C                 D 
         Yet it seems to me not too long ago, you didn't care 
         Em                   Em/Eb                  Em7    A 
         The love you left no longer lives within my heart 
             Am                              D 
         The game you played, so recklessly, tore it apart 

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