Dwight Yoakam

Watch out

Dwight Yoakam

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Watch out

	  		INTRO:   D   G   A   D      Stop 
Watch how she tore me all apart. 
Watch how she ripped up my heart. 
                                                           A           Stop 
Watch how she cut that thing clean through. 
Watch out: she'll do the same to you.  
Watch how she wrecked this hope filled train. 
Watch how she revelled in my shame. 
                                                              A        Stop 
Watch how she learned me who was boss. 
Watch out, or that's what you'll get taught 
SOLO:   D   G   A   D      Stop 
                     G                   A              D 
Well, iIt was gone before it ever went away: 
                   G                 D                                  A 
Got up and left before it even____ really tried to stay. 
        G                       A         D                    G 
Any doubt that hung around sure ain't here now, 
                       D             A                   D 
Oh, she's the best dirty trick love ever played.  
Watch how she tossed my passions round. 
Watch how she drug 'em cross the ground. 
                                                                 A      Stop 
Watch how she claimed they're hers to use. 
Watch out: she'll drag yours for you. 
SOLO:   D   G   A   D  
Watch out, I never felt such pain. 
Watch out, I've never been the same. 
                                                  A          Stop 
Watch out, she don't need no excuse. 
               ( NO CHORDS ) 
Watch out: she'll do the same to you      END 
VERSION BY: Rick Pietrzak 


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