Dwight Yoakam

Does It Show

Dwight Yoakam

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Does It Show

Does it show as I watch her walking by? 
Does it show that I'm trying not to cry? 
        C                         G 
Does it show that he's the reason why? 
                  D                G 
Does it show that every smile is a lie? 

Does it show even when I am discreet? 
Does it show I fall right down at her feet? 
           C                                     G      
All on its own, my heart lets me know I'm love's biggest clown. 
                             D               G 
Do you think that shows even when no-one is around? 

Am                     G 
 Please, tell me honestly, 
Am                              F                       D 
 Am I fooling anyone, or is the truth kinda hard not to see? 

G   C   G 

                        D             G 
In ways that I'll never know, does it show? 

Am                       G 
 Please, say its not too late, 
 So I can stop while there's still time, 
     F                         D 
And avoid me some small bit of ache. 

        G                                         G7 
Does it show with each flickering memories final glow? 
                C                                  G 
As night's cold shadows wrap around where hope let go. 
                       D             G     Am  G 
And I sit there in the dark, does it show? 

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