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Satin doll Chords

Duke Ellington

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by europeu

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Satin doll

Bm7       E7      Bm7       E7 
Cigarette holder,    which wigs me,  
C#m7      F#7     C#m7      F#7 
Over her shoulder,     she digs me;  
Am(V) B7      Fm7     Bb9   A6   Edim  Bm7   E7 
Out  cattin',    that satin doll.  
Bm7        E7    Bm7     E7 
Baby shall we go    out skippin'?  
C#m7      F#7  C#m7        F#7 
Careful, amigo  --  you're flippin;. 
Am(V)   B7   Fm7     Bb9   A6 
Speaks Latin,   that satin doll.  
      Em7       A7          Em7        A7          Dm7  Bm7  Em7  Dm7 
She's nobody's fool, so I'm playin' it cool as can be;  
     F#m7       B7          F#m7         B7            E7   Bm7/5- 
Ill give it a whirl, but I aint for no girl catchin me --  
Bm7       E7      Bm7       E7 
Telephone number, well a you know,  
C#m7      F#7     C#m7      F#7 
I'm doin my rumba with uno, 
Am(V) B7   Fm7     Bb9   A6   Cdim    F#7 
And that'n,    my satin doll. 
Am(V) B7   Fm7     Bb9   A6   Bb9   A6 
And that'n,    my satin doll. 


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