Duane Stephenson

August Town

Duane Stephenson

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August Town

	  		"august town" by duane stephenson 

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intro : C Em Am Am F G 
VERSE : C Em Am C F 

intro : 
 C   Em   Am   Am   F     G 
Na Na Na Naaa Na Na Woah oh Woahh 
Na Na Na Naaa Na Na 

C      Em       Am      C         F 
A word from the wise 
don't try to make life on your own 
remember that jah jah by your side 
for i was a soul who lost and my life 
was in dismay 
for amongst evil forces in which i came 
guns and ammunition were my chosen way of life 
with God fearin people i choose to strive 
for all of the lives that are take they can never be replaced 
but still jah jah chose to remember my face 

C           Em            Am             C             F 
though i never lived like he wanted 
i was mindful of what he though me 
so now i beg and plead im on my bended knees 
cause father u rescue 
and i've got the stars to show i barely made it along life's road 
cause when my life got dark he was the onlyiest part 
he was the light at the end of the road... 

Verse 2 
C           Em            Am             C             F 
when i was young boy growin up in august town 
we ate from the same pot we were idlings all around 
from corner to colour and corner 
from rockers to jungle kentyre 
rising to dreadhieghts and river all around 
and then the footbal ground became my battlefield 
and my life was so surreal 
people were fallin all around 
but jah helped me to stand my ground 
Only Jah, Only Jah Coud've Helped me to stand my ground 

C           Em            Am             C             F 

C           Em            Am             C             F 
So now take it from me son 
you can change the world today 
cause livin proof 
livin proof that crime doesn't pay 
C           Em            Am             C             F 
though i never lived like...... 
Chorus rotates... 

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