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Tuning: e|-0---------2-------2---------2-----------| B|-2---------3-------3---------3-----------| G|-1---------2-------2---------2-----------| D|-2---------4-------0---------4-----------| A|-0---------2----4------------2-----------| E|------2-----------------2----------------| C#m Bm7 D Bm7
verse 1 C#m F#m Bm7 Isn't it amazing how you talk all this shit and we still lack communication C#m D How beautiful our kids would be, girl, I don't need convincing F#m Bm7 How every conversation starts with "this time will be different" C#m F#m Oh, the idea's fun Bm7 C#m Oh, the idea's fun D F#m Oh, the idea is so fun every time Bm7 At least we try for home run every time Hook C#m F#m Bm7 Swanging, eyes closed just swanging C#m D Same city, same friends if you're looking for me F#m Bm7 Same city, same friends if you're looking C#m I'll be here just swanging F#m Bm7 Don't talk to me like I'm famous C#m D And don't assume cause I don't respect assumptions babe F#m Bm7 I'm just tryna connect with somethin' babe C#m Swangin'

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