Dr. Dog

Engineer Says

Dr. Dog

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Engineer Says

verse 1 

Engineer says there's a body on the tracks 
F                                      E 
Draped in greens and raging rain and want 
F           E         F            E                      Am 
The color gray was creeping in like bones, like timeless days 

verse 2 
Phrases left his body and his memories on those tracks 
F                                        E 
Calmed his mind and left his flesh and bones 
E        F           E 
For where are the things? 
 F                                          Am              
The shallow digs now he calls The Swamp his home 

verse 3 
Baby told the navy to go bring him back 
F                                     E 
Said the eyes have gone and made him leave 
E             F      E 
She cause a simple plee: 
F                      E                         Am 
Make them pay and make them bring my baby back to me 

verse 4 
Oh engineer says there's a body on the tracks 
F                                   E 
Dancing slow and looking left for dead 
 F         E        F       E 
Phrases dreams of simple things 
And the fall of men 

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