Dr. Dog

Distant Light

Dr. Dog

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Distant Light


Intro: Fm Fm7 Eb Cm C C7 


Bb                        F 
The man appeared to me inside that yellow wood. 
Bb                                      F 
I'd carved his name in the dirt, at the crossroads where we stood. 
He said, are you looking for directions? 
I said, gee, I wish you would. 
      C                             C7 
Which way to the infinite road that unwinds from within? 

                    F                Bb          F 
He said, follow the distant light. Oh you know I will! 
F                                 Bb                 F 
Follow the distant light, just a little bit over the hill 
F                                Bb                  F 
Follow the distant light and although you'll never near it. 
You can travel on forever and you'll never be back here. 
I said, alright (hoo, yeah, distant light) 

Bb                                 F 
The stranger appeared to me, he hopped down from his tree. 
        Bb                               F 
He said, I can give you anything, but you know that nothing's free. 
    Bb                                    F 
Well I could take it or leave it. I said, well what do you want from me. 
         C                                               C7 
He said, nothing much really, just a small token of appreciation 
That would mean so little to man like you and so much to a man like me. 

          F                Bb           F 
Gimme the distant light.Oh no I cannot do it 
          F                 Bb               F 
Gimme the distant light, he said through his teeth 
          F                               Bb            F 
Gimme the distant light, you know I ain't quite yet through with it 
As I saw it shining dimly through the branches of his tree 
I walked on (yeah, distant light) 

Fm Fm7 Eb Cm C C7 

              F                              Bb                 F 
Following the distant light, like the way some people look for parking 
              F                       Bb                  F 
Following the distant light, yeah and tripping all over my feet 
                   F                     Bb             F                    Bb 
But following the distant light, Lord, I know if I keep walking, I'll never touch it, 
Bb                                                     F 
But as long as I move it'll shine down on me, shine on me 

ooh, yeah, distant light 

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