Cherry Lee


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Cherry Lee

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(Am) (F C) (D) (Am F) (C) Two days, In my room, Just waiting for you, cherry, and i know, (D) that i have been, (Am F) (C) too lazy, you forgot (D) (Am F) (C) about our little, secret, Oh yes! (D) (A m) (, F, C, D) I want to, have it, all ooooh --Distorsión-- : (A m, F) (C) Cherry lee!, Oh no! (D) (A m, F) (C) (D) You know i need some, garranty!, My friend, Cause i still got my, (Am. F) (C) dignity, you know (D) (Am F, C) And i will never, let you go (D) (A m, F) (C) (D) i want it all, yeahh, yyeahhhhhh i want it all (A m, F) (C) yeahhh yyeahhhhh ... --Punteo-- (igual que el de la introducción, pero con distorsión): Three weeks in your room just waiting for me baby! you're nuts! you act like you were thirteen oh please! forget about this secret cause you will, will never have it all (limpio, sin distorsión) ohhhhhhh, yeahhh , oohhhhhhh, yeahhhh. Punteo, igual que los anteriores, pero ahora sin distorsión: And now that no one remembres your name You'll be mine forever, you'll be mine again. Ohhhooohhhohhhh, yeahhhhhh-

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