Doug Supernaw


Doug Supernaw

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      written by:Doug Supernaw/Kenny King/Allen Huff/Justin white/ Tim Buckley/   
                               Joe DeLeon/ Don Crider 
      performed by: Doug Supernaw on "Red and Rio Grande" 
F C Bb F C Bb 
            F         C             Bb 
1.Couldn't roll me a seven if they gave me loaded dice 
                     F             C        Bb 
  I couldn't draw a hand if I sat here all night 
          F          C           Bb 
  Scared money bad whiskey there ain't no way to win 
     F            C                    Bb 
  This ain't the first time, it's the way it's always been 
    F            Bb               C 
C.You know the ladies a lot like Reno 
       F           Bb                  C 
  She ain't got a heart and she don't care when you're down 
    F            Bb            C 
  Just like the lights of a casino 
  Bb                        C 
  She'll pull you in and play with you awhile 
  Bb                               Gm                      F 
  But there ain't no way to win I know she's a lot like Reno 
 F C Bb F C Bb  
2.They're both out to break you, take everything you got 
  When you finally win the hand there ain't nothin' in the pot 
  A gamble that I'm takin' but either one i choose 
  Lady or Reno either way I lose 
                                    [email protected]

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