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In A Different Light 2 Chords

Doug Stone

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In A Different Light 2

By:  Doug Stone							       
Key of G						       
Intro:  G  D  C  G  C					 
      G          D             C        D 
Every morning I watch you walk into the office 
        C                 D 
In your business suit and matching shoes 
          G           D          C           D 
With your hair put up neatly you tug at your glasses 
    C                 D               
And you you sit down, just three desks down 
            C          G           Am7 
And I watch you in the fluorescent glare 
       C                    D 
And my mind drifts away somewhere 
G D C G And I see you in a different light C G C D With your hair falling down, with love in your eyes G D C G In my mind, you're a beautiful sight C G Am7 I see you in a different light C D G Just the way I saw you last night
G D C D Well there's girls at the office the guys always notice C D When they walk by, but you're not the type G D C D They don't know what I know, how some things just don't show C D Through tailored tweats, and that's fine with me C G Am7 Let them all think what they want to C D As for me when I look at you Solo- G D C G C G C D G D C G C D G

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