Doris Day


Doris Day

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Introdução: G7M Em7 Am7 D7/9- Am7 

                  D7/9-     G7M 
It must have been moonglow 
              A9    Am7 
Way up in the blue; 
It must have been moonglow 
G7M  Bbm5-/7    Am7       G7M   Am7   
That led  me straight to you. 
                  D7/9     G7M 
I still hear you saying,   
                   A9     Am7 
"Dear One, hold me fast," 
And I start in praying, 
G7M   Bbm5-/7     Am7     G7M      
"Oh Lord, please let this last." 
G   G7/13-      G/F#        E7/9-       E7 
We    seemed to float right through the air; 
    A9                   Am7       D9    D7/13- Am7 
Heavenly songs seemed to come from ev'rywhere. 
                      D7/9-   G7M 
And now when there's moonglow 
              A9      Am7 
Way up in the blue, 
I always remember 
G7M  Bbm5-/7    Am7     G 
That moonglow gave me you. 
Gm7 Bbm5-/7  Am7 Am5-/7  G 
That moonglow gave  me   you. 

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