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I Will Sing Chords

Don Moen

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by wenderjunior

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I Will Sing

	  Am                F 
Lord You seem so far away 
   C                G 
A million miles or more 
It feels today. 
Am                F 
Though I haven?t lost my faith 
   C                  G 
I must confess right now 
           C               G   
That it?s hard for me to pray. 
       Am                 F 
But I don?t know what to say 
       C                    G 
And I don?t know where to start 
    Am               F 
But as You give the grace 
      G                Em7 
With all that?s in my heart 
        C             F 
I will sing, I will praise 
     Am             G 
Even in my darkest hour 
             F              G 
Through the sorrow and the pain 
        C             F 
I will sing, I will praise 
         Am             G 
Lift my hands to honor You 
   F                   G 
Because Your word is true 
I will sing! 
Am                  F 
Lord it?s hard for me to see 
C                     G 
All the thoughts and plans 
You have for me. 
    Am             F 
But I will put my trust in You 
C                  G 
Knowing that You died 
    C       G 
To set me free. 
Chorus 2x 
        F            C 
I will sing, I will sing! 


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