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Capo on 3rd fret


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Intro: e|--3-----------3--3--3------------------------------------------| B|--0-----------0--0--0------------------------------------------| G|--2-----------0--0--0------------------------------------------| (4x) D|--0-----------0--2--0------------------------------------------| A|--x-----------x--x--x------------------------------------------| E|--3-----------3--3--3------------------------------------------|
G it's a fadin' blue G into the black G the news is goin' down G into the dirt Em crushin' the white stones G the sun expires G the wind is zipped up G hide the fire G in a tin cup Em freeze the river Em cross out the clouds
C I bet it was a bumpy ride C G I bet it was...slip and a slide C you were upside down C C C/B Am rollin' around...lost in time Am ah valentine
(Intro) G so lets seal up the leaks G is it really goin' down? G broken flame...bones to blame Em ropes in flames G kisses from the parade G tying ribbons of rain... Em paradise, sacrifice, lemon lips Em a pyramid of apples chorus Dadd9 C c'mon c'mon lets go Dadd9 C we got the car packed up Dadd9 C c'mon c'mon lets go Am keep my mind steady (Intro) G footprints of forever G suitcase in the hole G holdin' my hands Em watchin' tears fall Em she's watchin' them fall G promise of another G it's better to look right now G scared of what we'll see Em will he have the same face as me? chorus C C/B Am C C/B Am C C/B Am lost in time, lost in time, lost in time G ah valentine

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