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Setting Up Chords

Dire Straits

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by Jeoshua

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Setting Up

  		Intro Riff (played quite fast with fingers, Mark Knopfler style): 

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e|--------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------| G|----0----6----0----6------0----6----0----6--| D|----0--7-7----0--5-5------0--7-7----0--5-5--| A|--0---------0-----------0---------0---------| E|--------------------------------------------| (play twice) e|--------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------| G|-------2---2---4---5---4---2----------| D|-------2---2---4---5---4---2--------2-| A|--0--0---0---0---0---0---0---0--3h4---| E|--------------------------------------|
Verse 1: A You say I'm the greatest, bound for glory E Well the word is out and I learned A I got the latest side of the story G D A You're pulling out before you get burned Verse 2: A Well your hands are squeezing me, down to the bone E I never saw you breaking no law A Stands to reason I've got to leave you alone G D A What you take me for Chorus: A D Cos you're setting me up to put me down E A You're just making me out to be your clown A D You're just setting me up to put me down E You better give it up (give it up), give it up A Quit your messing round Fills in Chorus:
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You're setting me up e|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|---/8---7--5-------------|---/8---7--5--------------| G|---/9---7--5h6-----------|---/9---7--5h6------------| D|---------------7-5---5-7-|---------------7--5---5-7-| A|-0-----------------7-----|-0------------------7-----| E|-------------------------|--------------------------| To put me down e|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|---/3---0----------------|---/3---0-----------------| G|---/2---0--2--5---4---2--|---/2---0--2--5---4---2---| D|-0---------0--0-0-0-0-0--|-0---------0--0-0-0-0-0---| A|-------------------------|--------------------------| E|-------------------------|--------------------------| You're just making me out e|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|---/5---2--0--3-x-2-x-0--|---/5---2--0--3-x-2-x-0---| G|---/4---2--1--2-x-2-x-1--|---/4---2--1--2-x-2-x-1---| D|-------------------------|--------------------------| A|-------------------------|--------------------------| E|-0-----------------------|-0------------------------| To be your clown e|-------------------------|--------------------------| B|-------------------------|--------------------------| G|------------5b-----------|-------------------5b-----| D|----/7--5------7--7p5----|--7---7-7-5---7--x----7---| A|-0--------7-----------7--|----7-------7---x---------| E|-------------------------|--------------------------|
(next four lines of Chorus, fills are exactly the same) Verse 3: A You think I care about your reaction E You think I don't understand A All you wanted was a piece of the action G D A Now you talk about another man | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note

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