Died Pretty


Died Pretty


by  DAH0169

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A	D	G	Em7 
D.C., your smile has left its mark upon my world 
A	D	G	Em7 
Even your barbs were like cut diamonds that you hurled 
A	D	G	Em7 
Disgust and drunkenness came much to their surprise 
A	D	G	Em7 
As, we roared and danced and sang within {the clouded eyes?} 

First Chorus 

D	G	Em7 
D.C., you gave me happiness and {hobnob gazing???} 
D	G	Em7 
I will cherish them forever and when I get the blues and greys... 

2nd Verse (same chords as 1st verse) 

D.C., you h____ some ______ by the things you said 
And, you stood your ground while weaker ones just turned and fled. 
But, when it came time to count your foes amongst your friends 
Well, there was respect and so much love that never ends 


2nd Chorus (same chords as 1st Chorus) 

D.C., you gave them happiness and {sounds like 'hobnob gazing', dammit} 
They will cherish them forever 
And when they get the blues and greys 

Then straight into 


But now you're gone, it's such a sad thing 
And as we dissolve into dark 
Behind these questions are these answers 
Em7			G 
And this song's to say goodbye... 

Organ Solo, Violin Solo, Cello Refrain 

Repeat 2nd Chorus, Repeat Bridge 

Intro/Verse chords 
(Do-do, do-do-do-do-do) This is just to say goodbye (x6) 

Intro/Verse to fade 

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