See The Sun


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See The Sun

Year: 2003 - Album: Life for Rent

	  		I'm coming (C) 'round to (D) open the (G) blinds  
you can't (C) hide in here (D) any (G) longer 
my god you (C) need to (D) rinse those puffy (G) eyes 
you can't (C) last here (D) any (G) longer 
(C) yes, they'll ask you where you've (D) been 
and you'll (C) have to tell them (D) again and again 
and you (Em9) probably don't (G) want to hear (C) 
tomorrow is just another day 
but i (Am) promise you you'll see the again sun 
(Dsus2) (D) 
and you're (Em9) asking me why (G) pain is the only 
(C) way to happiness 
and I (Am) promise you you'll see the sun again 
(Dsus2) (D) 


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