Dick Valentine


Dick Valentine

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e|----------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------0-------------0-------3-----------0---------| G|------0-----0-0---------2-2--2---0------0-----0-0---------2-2--2---0--| D|--------0-------0-----2--------2----------0-------0-----2--------2----| A|----2-------------0-0------------------2------------0-0---------------| E|--0-------3--------------------------0-------3------------------------|
Em G Am Another simulation that you walk me through Em G Am But the taste in your mouth ain't good enough for you Em G Am Spray a can of Raid until it turns ya blue Em G Am Whats a litter bug like me to do Em D G C This love wont bio degrade for a thousand years Em D G C Don't waste this moment with recycled fears Em D G C We can make this day that you rue D You mess with the litterbug Am The litterbug ain't a mess like you Em D G C Oh Oh Em G Am Do you like it toxic, do you like it clean Em G Am I'm a job creator babe and my jobs aint green Em G Am The Primrose Path is paved with polystyrene Em G Am By a coal burning machine Em D G C Enough of your mother earth crying hippy tears Em D G C So get a burma-shave with organic sheers Em D G C She should shave her armpits too D Try to step on the litterbug Am The litterbug steps away from you Em D G C Oh Oh Oh Oh itnro Em G Am Put a time cap on your cabin train Em G Am Protect all of the creatures in the everglades Em G Am Build your windmills till you're donkeyhotey Em G Am But your running out of things to do and say Em D G C It's been a real gas but I must skurry away Em D G C May we meet again on garbage day Em D G C Don't mind me if I lawyer up and sue D Don't worry about the litterbug Am Cause the litterbug ain't going to worry about you Em D G C Oh Oh Oh Oh

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chords Dick Valentine - Litterbug
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