Devon Werkheiser

Standing Tall

Devon Werkheiser

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Standing Tall

	  		Intro: G C Em D 

G               D 
I play it nice 
Try to run and hide 
Was afraid of what they'll think 
G                        D 
Looking back in me 
Who do I see? 
I fell so incomplete 
Am              C  D 
I am not afraid 

G D I'm standing tall Am I will not vale Moving emphatizes C Making changes D G That I do believe G D I'm standing tall Am I will not vale Am This guys are leaving me C Here with me D G I Believe in me
G D I sacrifice Em I pay the price C Try to be the real me G D Just can't be twice Em If you wanna change your life C Your dreams you'll set you free Am C D Don't be afraid *Repete o Refrão. Solo: Am C Am C D *Repete o Refrão. By: ClarisseSouza XD

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