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Desperation band

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by Scorger

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A  E  F#m  D (3x) 

A  	        E  			     F#m  					       D 
I was lost, I was afraid until You found me and You took me by the hand 
A                   E 				      F#m  			                      D 
I was bound, I was in chains until You came and set me free to dance again 
E 						        D 
Now Iím screaming from the top of my lungs 

A E F#m D You are good, I know I will shout it from the rooftops A E F#m G You are good, I know that Your love will go forever A You are good
Bridge Intro: E F#m7 E F#m7 Bridge: E F#m7 E I was blind but now I see, from the rooftops I will sing F#m7 I was bound but now Iím free Ending: A E F#m D (3x) A

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