Desert Sessions

If You Run

Desert Sessions

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If You Run


Verse 1:

Em Hey, now, everybody crowd 'round Em Something you should know Em Fast break, always a mistake when you?got?nowhere to go Em C C You?can lie for the honey, lie?for the wealth C Em You can lie to each other but you better never lie to yourself

Verse 2:

Em No sign of any second mind Em What she had, she gave Em Red hand with another man Em There is no one here to save Em C She started out like most of them: C Em Heart full of dreams, a head full of nothing
Em C Em If you run, you better have a place to go Em C If you run, ooh Em Run, run, run, run, run Em Run, run, run, run, run

Verse 3:

Em Hang tight, she running through the moonlight Em Waiting on her charms Em Deep scars fading in the stars Em Fading in each other's arms Em C He took her down to his hiding place C Em All he's bringing back is dust on his face

Verse 4:

Em Stone's throw, tapping at the window Em Fools with no plans Em Slow wind, broken by design Em Be good or be goddamned Em C You think you left it all behind? C C Em You're choking on the weeds, you're strung out on the vine
Em C B Em If you run, you better have a place to go
Solo: D G A Bm A G F# Em D G A Bm A G F# Em D G A Bm A G F# Em D G A B A G B

Verse 5:

Em New age, burning of a page Em A brand new dream to sell Em Ain't far from who you really are Em And it's just as well Em C C You lie for the honey, you lie for the wealth C C Em You lie to each other, ain't gonna lie to myself
Em C Bm If you run, if you run C Em If you run, you gotta have a place to go

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