Declan McKenna


Declan McKenna

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B7             E        C#m 
Because I'm in Bethlehem 
B        A         E     C#m B 
I've got a seat in heaven 
A              E      C#m B 
And though I'm heaven sent 
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E|---------------------------------------0-0-0----------------------------| B|---------------------------------------0-0-0----------------------------| G|---------------------------------------1-2-1----------------------------| D|---------------7---2---1---------------2-2-2----------------------------| A|--------------6-6-4-4-3-3-----0h4h0----2-2-2----------------------------| E|-------------7---5---4----2-4-------0--0-0-0----------------------------|
E C#m B A B7
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Riff da ponte E|------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|--9--7--9--10--7h9p7--5--5h7p5--4----5--4--5--7--4h5p4--2--2h4p2--0-----| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------2--| D|------------------------------------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------------------------------------|

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