Deana Carter

We Danced Anyway

Deana Carter

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We Danced Anyway

	F#   B9   D#m   C#9 (2x) 
Verse 1 
               F#              B9 
	The summer air was heavy and sweet 
		   D#m            C#9 
	You and I on a crowded street 
		F#		    B9 
	There was music everywhere 
		D#m      C#9 
	I can see us there 
		F#		    B9 
	In a happy little foreign town 
		D#m			C#9 
	Where the stars hung upside down 
		F#        B9			D#m    C#9 
	A half a world away, far far away 
		B9			C#9 
	I remember you were laughing 
		B9			C#9 
	We were so in love, we were so in love 
		D#m           B9		F#				 
	And the band played songs that we'd never heard 
		D#m		B9 
	But we danced anyway 
		F#					C#9 
	We never understood the words 
		D#m       B9	F#			C#9 
	We just sang oh la la la la la la la la la la oh 
		B9				F#	 
	And we danced anyway 
Verse 2: 
		F#			B9 
	They say you can't go back 
		D#m		C#9 
	Baby I don't believe that 
		F#		B9		     D#m		C#9 
	Come along with me, come dance with me 
		F#			B9 
	Maybe if I hold you close 
		D#m		C#9 
	Baby we could just let go 
		F#				B9				 
D#m		C#9 
	Of these thing that tie us down, we'll come back around 
		B9					C#9 
	Do you remember we were laughing 
		B9					C#9 
	We were so in love, so in love 
Outro same as intro 
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Chords: F# 1 |-------|---1---|-------|-------|------| 2 |-------|---1---|-------|-------|------| 3 |-------|---1---|---2--|-------|------| 4 |-------|---1---|-------|---4---|------| 5 |-------|---1---|-------|---3---|------| 6 |-------|---1---|-------|--------|------| B9 1 |-------|---1----|-------|-------| 2 |-------|---1----|-------|-------| 3 |-------|---1----|-------|-------| 4 |-------|---1----|-------|---3---| 5 |-------|---1----|-------|---4---| 6 |---x---|---x---|---x--|----x---| D#m (6th fret) 1 |---1---|--------|--------| 2 |---1---|---2---|--------| 3 |---1---|--------|-------| 4 |---1---|--------|---3---| 5 |---1---|--------|---4---| 6 |---x---|----x---|--x---| C#9 (4th fret) 1 |---1---|-------|--------| 2 |---1---|-------|-------| 3 |---1---|-------|---4---| 4 |---1---|-------|---3---| 5 |---1---|-------|-------| 6 |---x---|--x---|---x---|
This is one of my favorite Deana Carter songs! Enjoy ya'll!

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