What is autumn


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What is autumn

	  		DDT (Russian band) - What is autumn (Schto takoje osen)   
Translated and tabbed on 03.01.2005 by Dimitri Marchasyew  
Am                    E                      Am    A7                               Dm                         
What is autumn, it's the heavens, crying heavens underneath my feet  
Dm                    E           Am F              Dm                   E                              Am E         
Birds and clouds fly apart in the puddles, autumn it's been long since I was with you  
What is autumn, it's the marbles darkening faith on the Neva River  
Autumn you reminded my soul of the most important, autumn without peace again you leave me  
What is autumn, it's the wind playing again in the torn chains  
Autumn will we crawl will we get until the answer, motherland and me what shall befall us  
Am        F      Dm            E     Am      F         Dm         E           
Autumn ships burn in the sky, autumn I would from here fly  
Dm                   E           Am                F      Dm                        E  
Out there where sadness drowns in the gray, autumn dark distant way  
Swarmed city melts in the fog, autumn what did I know of you  
As long as the leaves will fall torn, autumn is never wrong  


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