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by btemowo

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  			G		    Em7		    C		Dsus  D 
Be my breath,   be my life,       be my hope    Holy Spirit 
	G		    Em7		    C		 Dsus	D 
Be my heart,     be my love,	    be my joy      Holy Spirit 
	Bm7		    Em7	          Am7	        Dsus  D 
Be my health,    be my strength,   be my fire     Holy Spirit 
	Bm7		 Em7	    	Am7		Dsus 
Be my truth, be my light,       be my way 	Holy Spirit 
	    C			G 
Lord your power with your passion 
	  Am7		     Em7 
And the promise of your presence 
	    C		G 
Not in measure but in fullness 
	     Am7			C   D    G 
Lord for all this 		I will wait on You 


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