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Only You

David Crowder Band

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Only You

Year: 2003 - Album: Illuminate

	  		Verse 1: 
C2	   G/B            Am	 
   Take My heart, I lay it down 
          F	   	    C2 
   At the feet of You who's crowned 
               G/B              Am		 
   And take my life, I'm letting go 
             F                C2 
   I lift it up, to You who's throned 
C2              G/B          Am 
    And I will     worship    You, Lord 
    Only You, Lord 
C2              G/B          Am 
    And I will     bow down    before You 
    Only You, Lord 
Verse 2: 
C2          G/B          Am 
   Take my fret, take my fear 
         F                C2 
   All I have I'm leaving here 
C2            G/B             Am 
   Be all my hopes, be all my dreams 
             F                   C2 
   Be all my delights, be my everything 
C2                        G/B      
   And it's just You and me here now 
Am              F 
   Only You and me here now 
C2                        G/B      
   You should see the view 
Am              F 
   When it's only You  
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Chords: C2 x32033 G/B x20033 Am x02210 F 133211

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