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Absolute beginners Chords

David Bowie

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Absolute beginners

	  DI've nothing much to Bmoffer, C#mthere's nothing much to Gdimtake      
GI'm an absolute beDginner, Cbut I'm absolutely Bmsane Em          A
DAs long as we're toBmgether, C#mthe rest may go to Gdimhell      F#7
GI absolutely Dlove you, Cbut we're absolute beBmginners
GWith eyes completely Dopen, F#but nervous all the Asame
EmIf   Aour Dlove song could fly over Gmountain
Could laugh at the Bmocean, just like the fF#ilms
EmThere's Ano Dreason to feel all the Ghard times
To lay down the Bmhard lines, it's absolutely Atrue
DNothing much could Bmhappen, C#mnothing we can't Gdimshake      F#7
GThough we're absolute beDginners, Cwith nothing much at Bmstake Em    
DAs long as you're still Bmsmiling, C#mthere's nothing more I Gdimneed   
GI absolutely Dlove you, Cbut we're absolute beBmginners
GBut if my love is Dyour love, F#we're certain to sucAceed
{comment: chorus}
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