David Allan Coe

I Gave Up

David Allan Coe

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I Gave Up

F                             Bb 
Everything's the way that you left it baby 
    C                               F 
The broken heart, the tears and the pain 
I set your plate on the table each night 
C                         F 
Just to keep from going insane 
I've tried whiskey and women 
Till it didn't matter 
     C                     F 
If I knew my right from my wrong 
Then I made a decision 
To live with your memory 
   C                       F 
Pretending that you wasn't gone. 

Bb F I Gave Up On Trying To Get Over You C F I done everything that a man can do Bb F To soften the pain when your love was through C F Bb F I Gave Up On Trying To Get Over You.
F All of your clothes I hung Bb Back in the closet C F Next to the bed beside me Bb I put your pictures up on the wall C F Just the way that they used to be Bb I threw lipstick and perfume F All over the dresser C F And cigarette butts on the floor F It's hard to conceive Bb Anyone could believe C F That you don't live here anymore.
C F Bb F I Gave Up On Trying To Get Over You.

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