Dave Clark Five


Dave Clark Five

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(D. Clark / M. Smith)

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	G        Em7M        Em       G7   
Verse 1:  
	      G           G#5          Em         G7  
	It's right that I should care about you  
	    C                      Am                         D   D#5 
	And try to make you happy when you're blue  
	       G        G#5           C                 Cm 
	It's right, it's right to feel the way I do  
	    G        Am         D        G  
	Because, because I love you  
	Am             D                    G       Em  
	It's wrong to say I don't think of you  
	'Cause when you say these things  
	A7                    Am     D   D#5 
	You know it makes me blue  
Verse 2:  
	Give me one kiss and I'll be happy  
	Just, just to be with you  
	Give me, give me, a chance to be near you  
	Because, because I love you  
Organ solo:  
	G        G#5   Em       G7  
	Am       D        G        Eb  D  
{repeat verse 2}  
	   Am       D7           G      G6 9  
	Because, because I love you  


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