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Dave Baxter

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Am                 G        Am 
This one comes and this one goes 
Am               G        C 
So here we are across the road 
F            C         Am 
In whispers, in whispers 
                G         Am 
You say let it go, let it go home 

Am             G       Am 
Taking all our time we rode 
Am                     G       Am 
Through the town where we grew old 
F          C           Am 
Our stories and pictures 
                 G                Am 
Oh, we let them go, let them go home 

Am                   G      Am    
Oh, I have seen your beauty grow 
Am                       G         C 
Where all this fade, you shine and glow 
F        C            Am   
Our love will be legend 
              G               Am 
If we let it go, let it go home. 

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