Dave Baxter


Dave Baxter

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verse 1: 

E                 Dbm            B 
  No one was around, we know this place 
E                     Dbm                  B 
  The other side of town, but it's not a race 
E                            Dbm            B 
  We hadn't slept for a while, went out of sorts 
E                           Dbm            B 
  You came with me that night. You wanted more 

A Dbm B A So I took you to the diamonds A Dbm B A We were healing, we were silent Dbm B A There I kissed you to save the moment
(Instrumental) Dbm B verse 2: E Dbm B I look back sometimes and let it flow E Dbm B We never said goodbye, so I'll never know E Dbm How you kept my heart undone B E I can hear your voice, with me Dbm B I wish tonight, we came so close
A Dbm A So I ran back to the diamonds Dbm B A To the last place that i saw you Dbm B A Dbm B A Where I tried to reclaim the moment (reclaim the moment)
(Instrumental) Dbm B A Dbm B A Oooooo ooooooo ooohhhhh (x3) Final Chorus: A Dbm B A So I went down to the diamonds Dbm B A To the last place that i saw you Dbm B A Where I looked for my losses Dbm B A my losses (x4) Outro: Dbm B A (3x)

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