Daryle Singletary

Old Violin

Daryle Singletary

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Old Violin

I can't recall one time in my life 
                 E          A 
I felt as lonely, as I do tonight 
I feel that I could lay down 
And get up no more 
It?s the damnedest feelin'  
E                 A(Stop) 
I never felt it before. 

          A   D                A 
Tonight I feel, like an Old Violin 
                   E                   A 
Soon to be put away, and never played again 
                                 D         A 
Don't ask me why I feel like this, I can't say 
                        E                A 
I only wish this feelin?, would just go away. 

                      D     C#     B       E            A 
I guess its cause the truth is the hardest thing I ever faced 
                D          A             E 
Cause you can't change the truth, in the slightest way 
Cause I?ve tried. 

A                E                      A 
So I asked myself, where do you go from here 
                                E                   A 
Then like a fool I turned around, and looked in the mirror 
                       D          A    
And there I was seein?, an Old Violin 
                    E                  A 
Soon to be put away, and never played again. 

So one more time just to be sure 
I asked myself, where in the would do you go from here 
And there wasn't a nickel's worth of difference 
When I looked in the mirror. 

                        D           A 
Cause there I was seein', an Old Violin 
                   E                   A 
Soon to be put away, and never played again. 

And just like that it hit me 
That Old Violin and I were just alike 
We'd give our all to music 
                              A E A       
And soon we'll give our lives. 

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