Dar Williams

After All Chords

Dar Williams

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by tarikike

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After All

  		C G                                             Fmaj7  
go ahead, push your luck, find out how much love the world can hold,  
                   Dm7               F          G       C   G  
once upon a time i had control, and reigned my soul in tight.  

         C  G                             Fmaj7  
well the whole truth, it's like the story of a wave unfurled,  
but i held the evil of the world,  
   F                            G  
so i stopped the tide, froze it up from inside,  

          C  G                               Fmaj7  
   and it felt like a winter machine that you go through and then,  
   you catch your breath and winter starts again,   
        F        G              C   G  
   and everyone else is spring bound.  

         C  G                                       Fmaj7  
and when i chose to live, there was no joy, it's just a line i crossed  
it wasn't worth the pain my death would have cost  
   F          G        C   G  
so i was not lost or found.   

       C  G                                 Fmaj7  
and if i was to sleep, i knew my family had more truth to tell.  
and so i traveled down a whispering well,   
   F        G          C  G       
to know myself through them.  

        C G                                     Fmaj7  
growing up, my mom had a room full of books, and hid away in there,  
her father raging down a spiral stair,   
     F                       G  
till he found someone, most days his son,  
        C  G                              Fmaj7  
   and sometimes i think my father, too, was a refugee,   
   i know they tried to keep their pain from me,   
        F         G                C  G  
   they could not see what it was for.  

        C  G  
but now i'm sleeping fine,   
sometimes the truth is like a second chance,  
i am the daughter of a great romance,  
    F             G              C   G  
and they are the children of the war.  

break C G   Fmaj7    Dm7    F    G    C    G   

         C  G                               Fmaj7  
well the sun rose with so many colors, it nearly broke my heart,  
it worked me over like a work of art,   
    F        G           C   G  
and i was a part of all that.  

      C  G                                        Fmaj7  
so go ahead push your luck, say what it is you gotta say to me,  
we will push on into that mystery,  
          F                              G                 C   G  
and it'll push right back, and there are worse things than that,  

             C  G                              Fmaj7  
   cause for every price, and every penance that i could think of,   
   it's better to have fallen in love,   
        F             G          C  G  
   than never to have fallen at all,  

               C  G                                   Fmaj7  
cause when you live in a world, well it gets into who you thought you'd be,  
and now i laugh at how the world changed me,  
F            G               C  G     Em    Am    G    C  G G C G  
i think life chose me after all. 

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