Danielle Rose

Walk On Water

Danielle Rose

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Walk On Water

Intro: Dm C G (2x) 

         Dm             C                   G  
The waters saw you, Lord, the coastlands trembled  
   Dm                C                  A  
Through the mighty sea you made your way  
Dm                       C          G  
Though your footsteps were unseen, in the night you came to me  
C                    G            Dm  
While the boat was tossing in the waves  

Dm C G  

Dm            C                       G  
'Are you but a ghost?' I cried in terror  
Dm               C               A  
'Take courage, it is I Don't be afraid'  
Dm                    C                G  
Lord, if it's you, command I come and walk upon the water now,  
C                G            Dm  
You whom even wind and seas obey'  

Chorus 1:  
         C               G                    D  
He said, 'Come to me and walk upon the water  
C            G                   D  
Come in faith - my grace will be enough  
    C            G                         D  
If you believe, you'll come to know Love's power  
C         G                   Dm   
Come to me, and I will hold you up'  

    Dm                  C              G  
I held the boat's edge, putting one leg over  
Dm                   C                 A  
The sea was dancing underneath my feet  
Dm                C             G  
I looked to you and I let go of everything I claim to know  
C              G               Dm  
Carried by the grace you've given me  

  C                G           D  
But can I really walk upon this water?  
C                    G         D  
The wind is strong and I am so afraid  
C                 G                       D  
My faith is weak, Lord, save me with your power  
C            G          F                     F   C  
I am sinking deep into the waves        The waves  

Dm                      C                      G  
You raised your hand and stretched it out to save me  
Dm                C                 A  
The sea was parted underneath your gaze  
Dm                       C               G  
You lifted me up from waters wild; you claimed me as your child,  
       C                 G             Dm  
Saying, 'Why'd you doubt, O you of little faith?'  

D                     C                 G  
'I brought you out of Egypt through the waters  
D                  C            G  
I baptized you with power to believe'  
D                C             G  
Truly, you're the Son of God, Lord Jesus  
C              G              Dm  
Keep me in the harbor of your peace  
C                                                           G               Dm  
Be still my soul,  *let it ring                      for God can do all things  

Outro: Dm  C G 

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