Dan Auerbach

Cellophane Angel

Dan Auerbach

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Cellophane Angel

I could never take you for granted 
Because you keep me so enchanted 
 E                C#m                  A 
Once you see god plant it, I was your slave 
Now I'm feeling waves of fear 
F#m        D 
That some day you'll disappear 
Bm                         E                   E D A 
I should of never tangled with a cellophane angel 

Let's call a spade a spade 
When we're together in the shade 
E                                     A 
Even the best laid plans, they slip away 
We're gonna lay here in the yard 
Hold you Jenny, in my arms 
 Bm                           E 
You keep me outta danger, my cellophane angel 

F#m Bm 
F#m E 

A                 F#m         D 
Traffic screaming by, then a baby starts to cry 
  Bm                               E                   E D F#m 
I hear those bullets fly, and my heart begins to sing 

Then I drink from your chalice 
And this world becomes my ballast 
   E                              C#m 
I know it's not just a dreamers fantasy 

Because to me it's crystal clear 
              A     E         F#m 
I guess I'll always meet you here 
             Bm             E               A    F#m 
So don't you be a stranger, my cellophane angel 
             F#m            E               A 
So don't you be a stranger, my cellophane angel 

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