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Dont Cry Joni Chords

Conway Twitty

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Dont Cry Joni

	  (Chorus 1)  
(D) Jimmy, please say you ll (A) wait for me  
(A7) I ll grow up some (D) day you ll see  
(D7) Saving all my kisses (G) just for you  
(A) Signed with love for (A7) ever  (D) true.  
(D) Joni was the girl who (A) lived next door  
I ve known her, I guess, ten (D) years or more  
(D7) Joni wrote me a (G) note one day  
(A) And this is what she (A7) had to (D) say  
(Chorus 1)  
(D) Slowly I read her (A) note once more  
Then (A7) I went over to the (D) house next door  
Her (D7) teardrops fell like (G) rain that day  
When (A) I told Joni what I (A7) had to (D) say.  
(Chorus 2)  
(D) Joni, Joni, (A) please don t cry  
(A7) You ll forget me (D) by and by  
You re (D7) just fifteen, I m (G) twenty-two  
And (A) Joni, I just can t (A7) wait for (D) you.  
(D) Soon I left our (A) little hometown  
(A7) Got me a job and tried to (D) settle down  
But the (D7) words kept haunting my (G) memory  
(A) The words that Joni (A7) said to (D) me  
(Chorus 1)  
(D) I packed my clothes and I (A) caught a plane  
I (A7) had to see Joni, I (D) had to explain  
How my (D7) heart was filled with her (G) memory  
(A) And ask my Joni if she d (A7) marry (D) me  
(D) I ran all the way to the (A) house next door  
But (A7) things weren t like they (D) were before.  
My (D7) teardrops fell like (G) rain that day  
When (A) I heard what Joni (A7) had to (D) say  
(Chorus 3)  
(D) Jimmy, Jimmy, (A) please don t cry  
(A7) You ll forget me (D) by and by  
It s (D7) been five years since (G) you ve been gone  
(A) Jimmy, I married your (A7) best friend (D) John.  
As always, this may not be exactly right, but should get you started. I leave   
out the apostrophes because they come up funny when they transfer.  
Have fun.  


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