Cole Porter

Lets Misbehave

Cole Porter

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Lets Misbehave

You could have a great career, 
And you should; Yes you should. 
Only one thing stops you dear: 
You're too good; Way too good! 
Am     Am/G#  Am/G    Am/F# 
If you want a future, darlin', 
G                   Am 
Why don't you get a past? 
C                   D7       G7        C 
'Cause that fateful moment's comin' at last... 

G7        C             G+ 
We're all alone, no chaperone 
            C  C6 
Can get our number 
               D7     G7           C6   C#dim 
The world's in slumber--let's misbehave 
Dm7       G7         C             G+ 
  There's something wild about you child 
          C     E7/B 
That's so contagious 
Am      C#dim G7/D   D7             G7 
  Let's be outrageous--let's misbehave 

          C7          Bb/D 
When Adam won Eve's hand 
   Ebdim      C7/E    F 
He wouldn't stand for teasin'. 
A7/E        D7                             G7 
  He didn't care about those apples out of season. 

              C                     G+ 
They say that Spring means just one thing  
          C   E7/B 
to little lovebirds 
A7           D7        G7             C  C#dim Dm7 G7 
  We're not above birds--let's misbehave 

             C                G+ 
It's getting late and while I wait 
              C  C6 
My poor heart aches on 
             D7       G7           C6   C#dim 
Why keep the breaks on? Let's misbehave 
Dm7  G7        C               G+ 
  I feel quite sure affaire d'amour 
          C    E7/B 
Would be attractive 
Am      C#dim       G7/D   D7            G7 
  While we're still active, let's misbehave! 

            C7         Bb/D 
You know my heart is true 
    Ebdim     C7/E  F 
And you say you for me care 
A7/E         D7                                 G7 
  Somebody's sure to tell, but what the heck do we care? 

              C                G+ 
They say that bears have love affairs 
         C E7/B 
And even camels 
A7             D7     G7             C 
  We're merely mammals--let's misbehave 

Alternative middle eight: 
            C7         Bb/D 
If you'd be just so sweet 
    Ebdim  C7/E    F 
And only meet your fate, dear, 
A7/E             D7                             G7 
  'Twould be the great event of nineteen twenty eight, dear 

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