Cliff Richard

Summer Holiday

Cliff Richard

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Summer Holiday

   C         Am         Dm     G 
1. We're all going on a summer holiday, 

C       Am           Dm       G 
no more working for a week or two, 

C       Am             Dm      G 
fun and laughter on our summer holiday, 

Dm      G           C      Am  Dm     G       C 
no more worries for me and you, for a week or two. 

Dm G C Chorus: We're going where the sun shines brightly, Am G C We're going where the sea is blue, Em D G G7 We've seen it in the movies, now let's see if it's true.
C Am Dm G 2. Everybody has a summer holiday, C Am Dm G Doing things they always wanted to, C Am Dm G So we're going on a summer holiday, Dm G C Am Dm G C To make our dreams come tr...ue, for me and you. Repeat chorus: Repeat Verse 2. Another 60's hit from Kraziekhat!

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