Rch Grl


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Rch Grl

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A Ab A Ab 

        A            D 
I don't believe you 
           F                   A 
that'S the last thing I would do 
             A           D 
You're up to no good 
          F              Em  
just go away or pick the next one to fool 

F            G        Em                F  G 
Hope you go home and sleep it off alone 

A C Looking for trouble you found the place to be (Cause I can see through you) G F It's people like you ho don't care about people like me (righ?) A C I might look unstable but I know your dirty tricks G F Been around long enough to see where you get your kicks Em Rch Grl looking for some action
A Ab A Ab verse 2 & Chorus are just the same) Bridge: A Ab A Ab A Ab C D (2x) F G Chorus

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