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verse 1 
        F                     Bb 
Can you hold your own while I'm gone? 
  F                       Bb 
I swear I won't be gone for long 
Could it be some things never change 
I think it's just been one of those days 
Too tired to work out what's in front of us 
Settle down, forget that stuff 
Take a breather, believe in me 
You can't live your whole life in one evening 
Gm               Bb 
Promise me while I'm away 
That you'll find yourself 
F   Bb   F   Bb 
Gm  Bb   Gm  Bb

verse 2 
  F                      Bb 
I found out right from the start 
     F              Bb 
That I was falling apart 
You were there when I hit the floor 
After all, what are best friends for? 
Wherever I was you know you were there too 
Stopping me from what I shouldn't do 
Always saw the good in me 
And the potential of what I could be 
Gm                   Bb 
I promised you while you were gone 
That I would find myself 

Dm   F   Bb 
Dm   F   Bb
verse 3 Dm F Bb I don't know when you'll come my way Dm F Bm Another time, another place Gm Bb Can you hold your own while you are gone? Gm Bb Have you been there all along? Gm Bb Promise me while I'm away

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