Chuck Howard

Memphis To Mobile

Chuck Howard

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by  CEH9120

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Memphis To Mobile

	  		8 bar intro: C   Am   F   G 
C                  Am                         F                     G 
leaving out of memphis passing up these little towns 
C                   Am               F                G 
man i aint looking back i aint looking down 
C                  Am                  F                      G 
headed south where i can feel the sun on my face 
C                    Am                      F                    G 
keep these wheels turning got mississippi in my way 

C                  Am                   F                  G 
memphis to mobile burning up this interstate 
C             Am      F      G 
55 south to 49, 49 to 98 
C                   Am               F                       G 
gotta get back to my world man i just cant wait 
C                  Am                   F                 G 
memphis to mobile burning up this interstate 

C                  Am                      F                     G 
its to wet to swing a hammer i cant chase this cold 
C                 Am                 F                   G 
maybe it's just me am i gettin to damn old 
C                     Am                     F                      G 
want to jump into the water stick my toes in the sand 
C                    Am                    F                         G 
gonna enjoy the rest of my life for as long as i can 


8 bars 


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