Chuck Howard

Josephine(my Bartender)

Chuck Howard


by  CEH9120

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Josephine(my Bartender)

	  		G                                   C 
there's a little bitty club on the outskirts of town 
F                         D   
with one pool table and  a pinball with sound  
G                       C 
behind  the bar she's makinG   the round s 
F                       D  
the best bartenD er i've seen hanD s down 
     G             D          C 
she's Josephine, Josephine    
D         G    D  G   
My bartender 

G                          C 
She was kind a pretty she would  give you a wink 
F                          D  
she would  laug  hand  joke it's crazy to think 
G                        C 
you mess around  and  Get crazy with her 
F                             D  
in a few short minutes you'll be calling   her sir 
    G               D         C 
she's Josephine, Josephine 
D         G    D  G   
My bartenD er 

G                        C 
late at night someones gonna get tough 
F                         D  
she aint worried  if she's got tog  et rough 
G                              C 
she'll take your car keys anD  call you a cab 
F                           D  
you can walk on home or just sleep in the back 
    G                 D         C 
she's Josephine,  Josephine 
D          G   D   G   
My bartenD er 

G                         C 
It has been a long   time but i remember 
F                  D  
stag  gerin home down that trail 
G                      C 
I just wish i could  thank that woman 
F                       D  
for keepin my happy self outta jail 
    G                 D         C 
she's josephine,  josephine 
D          G   D   
my bartender 

outro:C D  G   

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