Chris Rice

Breakfast Table

Chris Rice

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Breakfast Table

Year: 2005 - Album: Amusing

Capo on 2nd fret

verse 1 
Was it a million miles to heaven 
Too far to hear my lonely song 
               G                        C            Csus 
Or is it just my imagination I hear you humming along 
I only hold you in my dreams now 
I wake up with cold and empty arms 


Am                            C 
Lord help me get through this long night without you 
    Am                  C 
And soon as the morning comes 
Am                   C  (Ring out) 
Soon as the morning comes 

D G C Save me a seat at the breakfast table D G C Save me a dance around the Milky Way Em A And save me a thousand years to whisper in your ears C D All I?ve wanted to say D G C Save me a smile and an angel?s feather D G C Save me a walk down the streets of gold Em A And baby, we?ll change our minds just like old times C D And maybe we?ll just fly away G C D G C D Or maybe we?ll st-a-y st-a-y
verse 2 G My lucky doll, you?re in heaven before me C You were my taste of heaven here G C Csus Remember we loved to talk about it, we couldn't wait to get there G So you go on and find your way around now C But remember I?m here missing you Pre Chorus Am C Do me a favor and say hey to Jesus Am C And tell him I?m missing him too Am C (Ring out) Tell him I?m missing him too

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