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verse 1 
A        F#m    D                 A 
When You move, darkness runs for cover 
          F#m  D                 A 
When You move, no one's turned away 
                  F#m   D               A 
Because where You are, fear turns into praises 
          F#m  D                  A 
Where You are, no heart's left unchanged 

D F#m A So come move, let justice roll on like a river F#m D Let worship turn into revival F#m E Lord, lead us back to You
verse 2 F#m D A When You move, the outcast finds a family F#m D A When You move, the orphan finds a home F#m D A Lord, here we are, oh, teach us to love mercy F#m D A With humble hearts, we bow down at Your throne Break F#m King of all generations A Let every tongue and nation F#m D Surrender all to You alone

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