Chris de Burgh

Don't Pay The Ferryman

Chris de Burgh

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Don't Pay The Ferryman

Year: 1982 - Album: Colour Collection

      G                    Em 
I was late at night on the open road 
G                          C 
Speeding like a man on the run 
  C        G        C     G        D 
A lifetime spent preparing for the journey 
      G                  Em 
He is closer now, as the search is on 
G                         C 
Reading from a map in the mind 
     C            G      C                  G           D 
Yes, there's that rugged hill and there's a boat on the river. 
	     Em            Em D 
And when the rain came down, 
	     Em          Dsus4 D 
He heard a wild dog howl. 
           C             G 
There were voices in the night. (Don?t do it) 
C             G 
Voices out of sight. (Don?t do it) 
C                           B 
"Too many men have failed before; whatever you do, 
Em    D       Em 
Don't pay the ferryman 
Em    D    Em    C     D 
Don't even fix a price 
Em    D       Em 
Don't pay the ferryman 
	 C               D     Em 
Until he gets you to the other side" 
Em D Em  Em D Em 
       G                  Em 
In the rolling mist as he gets on board 
G                              C 
Now there'll be no turning back 
  C         G      C      G       D 
Beware that hooded old man at the rudder 
        G                         Em 
And the lightning flashed and the thunder rolled 
    G                          C 
And people calling out his name 
    C       G          C              G             D 
And dancing bones that jabbered and a-moaned on the water. 
	     Em            Em D 
And then the ferryman said 
	  Em            Dsus4 D 
"there is trouble ahead 
   C               G 
So you must pay me now" (don't do it) 
 C               G 
"You must pay me now" (don't do it) 
C                              B 
And still that voice came from beyond: "whatever you do, 
Em D Em  Em D Em 
Repeat intro 
Em    D        D   Em Em Em 
Don't pay...   The Ferry-man! 


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