Chris Cornell

Never Far Away

Chris Cornell

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Never Far Away

Intro Gm  F  C  D   
        Gm  F  C  D   
        Gm  F  C  D   
        Gm  F  C  D   

Gm           F                C       D                  Gm 
You are the road that I will travel, you are the words I write 
             F               C     D                  Gm  
You are the ocean I will swallow, you are the wind I ride 
             F                C            D                 Gm  
You are the cause to keep my head up high, I'll never say goodbye 
           F                C          D                  Gm   
You gotta know I'll stay beside you, right till the day I die 

Gm  F            C           D 
I don't want to change anymore 
Gm   F        C      D 
I've already paid  
Gm  F            C      D 
I don't have to pray anymore 
       Gm     F             C 
Because,  my soul has been saved 

Gm                 F             C            D 
Wherever I come, wherever I go, you're never far away, far away (3x) 
Gm      F          C       D 
        Never far away 

Gm          F            C            D                Gm 
You're the blood that's in my veins, you're my second skin  
        F     C             D                Gm 
I'm a feather on the wind, you will bring me in 
     F              C            D              Gm 
Every heart should have a beat, every night a dream 
       F            C             D           Gm 
Every king should have a queen, every saint a sin 

              Gm           F             
When I go hot you make sure I don't break 
      C                 D               Gm        F        C       D 
Gimme life inside of heaven's gates, I know it's heaven 

              Gm           F 
You taught me how to live like life hurts 
        C                   D       Gm                
Gave me definition for the worst            
F                          C                     D 
I know that there ain't no space between you and me 

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