Chris August

Winter Time

Chris August

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Winter Time


Verse 1:
    Eb/G         Eb/Ab 
I'm laying here, waiting for you 
    Bb             Ab 
Our season's comin round. 
    Eb/G                 Eb/Ab 
The weather's cold, next thing I know 
    Bb            Ab 
The ice is on the ground. 
Ab             Ab2                  Eb  Bb 
Every year you meet me here, but you never stay... 

Ab Bb Eb You?re like an angel in the snow Ab Bb Eb I knew you'd come, but soon you'll go. Ab Bb You have to leave but believe Cm Cm/Bb Ab You'll be frozen in my mind - Cm/F Bb/G Ab And back to li_____________fe, come winter time.
Instrumental: Eb/G Eb/Ab Bb Ab Verse 2: Night time comes and soon it'll go, and hide behind the light. I open my eyes and peak outside, the ground is colored white. I hate it when you leave, but I love when you arrive... Chorus Bridge: Cm/F Eb/C Bb I don't know wh_______y Cm/F Eb/C Bb You have to come and go... Cm/F But when the weather gets warm, Eb/G And the sun starts to shine, Ab I know its time Eb/C Bb To say good-bye... Yeah... Instrumental Chorus

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